St Thomas Church Magazine           January 1941.



My Dear Friends,

‘There is a general feeling of relief at the passing of the old year. We have had trying and difficult days and we have endured knowing that endurance was essential. We knew that victory would not be quick and the nation braced itself for the trials which it was called upon to bear, we are thankful that we have been given strength to hold fast.’

‘1940 has seen the testing of our people and the result is a more confident spirit and a more resolute will. Asking ourselves the prophets question “watchman what of the night”? we find there is a calm assurance of ultimate triumph of the forces of truth and righteousness born of confidence in our selves, in our leaders and in truth, justice and goodness which is confidence in God. There is an ever deepening determination to endure to the end. There is a unity unknown before, as one man the nation stands firm.

There is a quiet pride that upon this country the home of freedom has been called to defeat the powers of oppression and evil.’

‘Across the Atlantic has come a voice, strong and clear assuring us of the warm sympathy and of the unstinted support of the Great Republic of the West.

We have cause for confidence. Let our greatest confidence be in God.

May Gods presence and blessing be yours during the coming year.

Yours Sincerely,’