BAPTISM (page 2)

Practical Questions

When do baptisms take place?

  • By arrangement with CHURCH WARDENS (SEE CONTACTS PAGE) on the third Sundays of each month at 12.30pm

Does it matter if we are not married or are single?

  • No. God loves everyone. Whatever your background you must be prepared to make a commitment to bring up your child in the Christian way.

How much does it cost?

  • Baptism is free.

How many Godparents can we have?

  • As many as you like. There is room for four in the register.

Will there be other baptisms at the same time?

  • Yes. There could be up to three.

Is there a maximum number of guests?

  • About 50 per family works well.

What if I want more than 50?

  • Talk to us about it.

How will I know what to do ?

Follow the 'Next Steps' printed on page 3