WELCOME TO St Thomas, Newhey, Rochdale

                                    A VERY WARM WELCOME TO ST THOMAS' NEWHEY .

Worship will resume at St Thomas's on Sunday 5th July with evening prayer at 4.30pm.

Morning prayer will take place on Thursdays at 10am. 

Additional hygiene precautions and social distancing measures have been put in place. 

A list of attendees will be kept for 21days in accordance with 'test and trace' protocol. 

We are as yet unable to celebrate Holy Communion or to sing but we look forward to meeting in person once more. 

Please do not feel pressured to attend.

If you are unwell, shielding or just not ready to come back yet, we understand.

I will continue to stream Sunday morning prayer on Facebook for those who choose to join me. 



Stay safe and God bless 



(phone users please use desktop settings for contact details)



In the meantime, please pray for each other and if you need to self isolate and require any support for errands etc please get in touch:


Tel: 01706 594284 

Email: hildaofwhitby67@gmail.com


Our web pages will guide you through the various groups and organisations connected to St Thomas. 

Also if you wish to use our beautiful church for a wedding or a baptism please review the relevant pages for guidance.

If you are choosing to hold your special event at St Thomas we hope this means you like who we are and what we represent, therefore we encourage everyone wanting to use the church, to join us for worship and stay for a brew and a chat after service.  

You will soon be guided to the Warden or coordinators who should be able to answer any questions you may have about your event and provide you with the relevant information and forms.

Service times:

Thursday 10.00am - morning service

Sunday 4.30. pm - evening prayer